Spiderman Plank

The spiderman plank is a full bodyweight exercise perfect for any workout routine. This exercise sculpts and tones mainly your core and upper body muscles. But has heart pumping benefits as well. The first benefit of this exercise is that it is a cardio move. So, burn those calories and get the blood pumping. Second, it tones and tightens the muscles. Third, whittles down your waistline. Additionally, it will improve your balance. Also, focuses on the hip flexors, chest and legs because of the range of motion. Who wants to increase core strength & burn calories? You’ve got it.

There are a few things to remember when doing this exercise. As always, engage your core and keep your abdominals tight! Squeeze them in. Then, keep your back nice and straight. Next, tuck the pelvis in. Equally important is to breath out as you draw the right knee to the right elbow. At this point, keep the knee off the floor. Finally, breath out as you return to your starting position. One last thing,always respect your limits. This is an intense exercise. Enjoy!

Primary muscles:


Secondary muscles:

Upper body