Our Approach

We believe your time and health are precious commodities and deserve your attention. So, our approach is very simple. We aim to provide you with tools to optimize a healthy lifestyle through an affordable fitness program.

Our Mission

 “ Our mission is to support the training of shelter animals, as therapy pets for veterans. How? The creation of an affordable fitness program and healthy lifestyle membership.


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Meet The Team

Ready to start moving? That’s wonderful! Not quite sure where to start? No worries! First of all, Kyba’s instructors are here for you. Check us out below. As a matter of fact, you have options. I like options. Options are good. Actually, you have five fun programs to move you in different ways. In other words, you may connect the breath and body in a yoga practice. Another way is quieting the mind, as the body flows through Tai chi. In case it has been a day, center in meditation. Finally, bring on the glisten with aerobics. Furthermore, check out your instructors and begin having fun with our knowledgeable lifestyle enthusiasts.